K 507e-H

K 507e-H

Button Spitznamen 04 ENThe K 507e-H is a revolution from Koller. The winches are driven purely by electric motors. A small diesel engine drives the generator.
A constant pulling force is possible over all layers. The technology combines maximum flexibility with the lowest possible consumption!


Skyline 95 kN (constant)
Mainline 30 kN (constant)
Haulbackline 30 kN (constant)
Line capacity Standard
Skyline 1000 m Ø 18 mm swaged
Mainline 2000 m Ø 10 mm swaged
Haulbackline 2000 m Ø 10 mm swaged
Strawline 2000 m Ø 6 mm
Guyline 4x75 m Ø 20 mm

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